End users of explosion-protected products, new or repaired, require assurance that the particular products used by them comply with the specified standards. Vice versa, product suppliers need proof of such compliance. Certification of a product is the preferred means of providing this assurance.

Because of the enormous hazard associated with explosions caused by flammable gases, vapours and dust in factories and mines, third-party (independent) certification is legally required in South Africa and in most industrialized countries.

The CERTEX Product Certification Mark Scheme

The CERTEX CX mark on a product indicates that such product has been manufactured (or repaired, if appropriate) under controlled conditions and provides a high degree of confidence that the product complies with the standard or standards covered by the certification.

This confidence is based on compliance of the scheme with ISO Guide 65 (formal accreditation being planned), being commercially and technically independent of the manufacturer, and employing experts on quality and Ex technology. By means of regular audits on the manufacturing or repair process and tests on production units, CERTEX ensures that this process has as few flaws as possible and that potential problems are identified and rectified at an early stage.

The users of mark-bearing products also play a valuable role in the quality chain by providing feedback on in-the-field performance of mark-bearing products, as well as being presented on the CERTEX Advisory Committee.


  • Improved product safety - The supplier (manufacturer/repairer/distributor) has in CERTEX and Explolabs effective and experienced "partners in safety".
  • Improvement in quality control - Meaning effective application of resources, reduction of scrap and re-work, and happy customers.
  • Cost effectiveness - Unit certification cost for CX mark-bearing products drops dramatically with increase in production volume.
  • Marketing value - The CX mark on a product is a recognizable symbol of quality, safety and value for money.

Who could benefit:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment
  • Equipment owners/users involved in repairs (mines and plants)
  • Repairers of equipment
  • Exporters of equipment

CERTEX provides:

  • Product certification mark for explosion protected (Ex) products
  • ISO 9001 etc. system certification (via DQS)
  • ISO/IEC Guide 65 : Requirements for certification bodies
  • ISO 9001 : Quality systems
  • ISO 14001 : Environment management
  • ISO 18001 : Occupational health and safety systems